I’d Rather Walk

  I loved being a Flight Attendant. It was a dream come true. Today, airport police don’t have to worry about ever dragging me off of a flight. In fact, you will need to drug me and drag me … Read More

Love Connection is Back!

  I admit it.  I watched Love Connection with Chuck Woolery back in the 80’s.  I’d shout at the screen “naw girl,  Don’t pick him” and laughed at the cheesy banter. … Read More

Runway Right

  The life of a model and or actress/actor may be one of the shortest of  all professional tenures. Many young people want to be models. Some make it, many don't. Often it depends on the … Read More

Kitchen Confidential

Today Only! All Orders Of $49 Or More Ship FREE at Corelle.com! Ends 5/22. Face it.  There’s never enough room in the kitchen to do what you want to do.  Something lives on every counter and on … Read More

WINE For Thought

  People buy houses based on an area where they can “relax at night with a glass of wine”. That sentence can be heard almost daily on any given HGTV show. Wine is usually … Read More