Random Thoughts II

    I really like SNL alumni Chris Parnell as the Progressive Insurance Box.  The career day classroom spot where the box has to avoid inappropriate questions like “where’s your belly … Read More

Breaking Organized Crime’s Glass Ceiling

Francy’s not her real name.  But she hides behind it because she’s the only known woman loan shark in town.  She calls herself a financial adviser.  But the best advice she can give a client is “try … Read More

Money, Marriage, Divorce

Ladies and Gentlemen: You date, you fall in love, he gets on his knees to propose, you act surprised and immediately say "Yes!" Let the journey begin. In love you may be, bells and … Read More

Holden Says “Later Mate”

Who is saying goodbye in colloquial Australian?  Well, not who, but what.   By the time you see this, Australia’s last home grown car will have rolled off the production line in Adelaide.  It is … Read More

Mind Games

This is not the same as head games.  Mind games.  That's when you do stuff with your brain so it doesn't atrophy and make you into a prematurely demented codger.   There's been an awful lot written … Read More

As a Society…Fake Sex Too?

    First thought was to not touch this subject. Robots for sex is not something we care about nor do we care to comment about it. However, since high heels and … Read More