MLK and DJt

  Mugshot to remind us that Martin Luther King Jr and many others did more than just talk   It is Martin Luther King Jr day, and we’ll get to that. But first about the president. … Read More

Ronald Ray-Gun

  That’s what we called him in the Liberal Media Newsroom on Rockefeller Plaza back when he was running for President.  Ronnie was brimming with bad ideas he tried to turn into bad policies … Read More


When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr convened the Chicago Freedom Campaign in 1966, young Harold Lee Rush watched the movement & its impact as he became an adult in Chicago. Today … Read More

The Changing Marketplace

  Long before 2010 when MadameNoire published a report about the African American female consumer being taken for granted, the African American community knew advertisers didn't care about … Read More

Vice, CNBC, CNN, The Guardian on Weed

A majority of Jeff Sessions' home state of Alabama disagree with him. Vice, The Guardian and CNBC have published recent articles on the marijuana/Attorney General Jeff Sessions battle. Previously, we … Read More

The 21st Century Edsel

                                                                                              Driving right off the page The biggest blunder in automotive history is … Read More