Let’s Take A Look

  Good bye Fashion Police!  The final episode aired last week and NO ONE CARED.  Actually, no one cared after Joan Rivers passed away.  She was savagely funny and knew fashion. E could have … Read More

This Is Your Dog On Drugs

  A veterinarian in Oregon prescribes pot for your pooch.  He is Brian Maas in Bend, a small riverfront city in where the marijuana laws drive Attorney General Sessions nuts.   Two … Read More

What You See Is WES

  If you read Wes Richards' blogs, you may wonder if you should laugh or cry. Are they tragic or comical? Wessays began in 2005 as an outgrowth of commentary Wes produced … Read More

It’s Morning At CVS

Here’s a tip on how to shop at CVS. Bring along a friend or a slip a neighborhood kid a couple of bucks to stand on the checkout line before you even start shopping. By the time you gather your stuff, … Read More

O Come All Ye’ Criminal

Experian Credit Bureau released five holiday scam alerts this week that amount to some really good advice whether you are holiday shopping in stores or online. "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the … Read More


The problem with living nightcrawlers is if you cut them in half, you get two living nightcrawlers.  And they call them nightcrawlers for a reason. They live and work … Read More