The Daytime TV Coffee Clatch

After watching the Emmy’s and enjoying the enthusiasm announcer Jermaine Fowlerbrought to the show, especially for Donald Glover and Lena Waithe, I woke up eager to see interviews with people I care … Read More

Gravity: The Jury Is Out

Scientists disagree on this.  But most seem to believe something completely wacky about the theory of gravity.   Yes, there are those who believe that gravity is real and that every time you drop … Read More

The Cost of a Baby

So you want to have a baby? of 2014, the cost of raising a child added up to be a mere 245 thousand dollars. Broken down, a child adds about $15,000.00 in annual … Read More

Are You Ready?

by Harvey & Irma Hurricanes   I am obsessed with downsizing, decluttering or minimizing life, whatever you want to call it and no matter who you are or how old you are. I am not … Read More

Get Serious: get rich

People who have "made it" to millionaire status or even just comfortable status often quote words from the belief that "anybody" can do it. "It's the American dream: work hard and you will get … Read More

Huff Post: All Green! All Good?

  Did you know a head of iceberg lettuce deserves pity for having the lowest score when it comes to nutrient density? Simply put, poor iceberg lettuce is the least healthy … Read More