Ok boomers, genX or whatever age category best fits you, listen up! You were nothing until genX came of age and gave everybody a title. Because there are so many boomers, genX broke your … Read More

TAXI Pleeeez!

The very best thing about Philip and Shannon Kirkman's 2018 NYC Taxi Driver calendar is that if you own one, you can carry it while hailing a cab. You wouldn't be carrying it for … Read More

Fast & Fresh

  In this article by  Emily Laurence , we find the answer as to why traditional fast food restaurants are adding healthy options to the menu and why more grocery stores have devoted a larger … Read More

There’s Always Somebody Out There

We all know radio is dead.  It’s a given. It’s in the Guinness Book.  You can look it up.   We all know there are only a handful of companies that own all 15,330 licensed stations and that they all … Read More

Living Long

  What is the secret to a long life? Over the years I have heard a Russian centenarian say it was the yogurt. Others have said "No smoking and no alcohol".  What is … Read More